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Burlish Bike Park is the home of mountain biking in Worcestershire. Set in the beautiful Burlish Woodland in Stourport, on the edge of Kidderminster the site offers the perfect grounds for a fun day of riding for the whole family, a place for small children to master their first trail, for older children and teenagers to ride with their friends and adults to enjoy all the joys of an enclosed woodland space offering opportunities to ride or to relax.

Burlish Bike Park is owned and operate by local charity Open Trail which encourage young people, of Worcestershire and the West Midlands, to strive for more than they think possible, despite their own personal circumstances. Bikes and the outdoors are our tools for developing confidence – resilience -independence.

Features include:

The Rosie Route

Cooper’s “Let’s go racing” Dual slalom track

500m family trail/trike trail: 2.5m wide trail with minor ascents and descents, suitable for all wheel sizes and disability adapted bike and trikes. Green graded. Avoidable features include small table jumps and skinny log balance beams.

In memory of Rosie Young, a local young woman who had a great love of bikes, a really beautiful person inside and out, her talents and personal qualities were endless; above all she had great ambition to help others.

“Give it some beans” on this two lane track, for some fun head-to-head gravity assisted riding with your mates! Blue graded, suitable for most ages and abilities. All features can be rolled, jump combinations and transfer lines also available.
In memory of Andrew Cooper a great 4X and downhill racer and commentator. A man who left our sport and world far too soon, a great energy and fun loving person who loved nothing more than riding, supporting others and seeing everyone having a great time.

The drops:

Two drops are on a right hand turn off the family trail, one 30cm and one 70cm


Small table, hip jump, into our table/double combinations to get your wheels over your first gap jump.


All gap jumps, steeper and shorter than black line 2, for those dirt jump/bmx fans.


9 tables that start of small and get gradually bigger.


Slightly more challenging red grade trail with bigger jumps and more table/double combinations, sharing the same landing as the black lines.


All gaps jumps, less steep but bigger gaps, more mountain bike style

Looking to increase your riding?

also offers

A Club House
and Snack Bar

Toilets located next to the clubhouse

An inclusive off-road
Cycling Club

A volunteer program for all; both cyclists and non-cyclists

Coaching for all (including  specialist coaching for disabled groups, educational needs and disaffected youth)

Building a new path to inspire and create new riders within Worcestershire

Site history

Burlish Woodland has been the home of Burlish Dirt Jumps for over 30 years, The hard-packed sandy jumps are the hard work of generations of local teens who have dragged their bikes, spades and wheelbarrows to the site to build the next new challenge for their group of friends. Picture the freedom of long summer holidays, hanging out in the woods with your bike and your mates. Idealic, and yes many local kids opt for this over their Xbox throughout the year.

Generations have dug, grown up, moved on and the next generation have continued the Burlish dirt jump scene with their bikes, spades, wheelbarrows, and buddies.

However, in 2020 it was threatened to be bulldozed! The landowner were faced with bulldoze or donate, seeing the community love and value in the dirt jumps the deal was if Open Trail can get the planning permission and funding to transform the woodland into a professional mountain bike facility then we can have it! This was no easy challenge but our community pulled together, lead by Open Trail CEO Hannah Escott, and today this bike park is the result of generations of teenagers work, the collective contribution of our community, volunteers, donors, corporate sponsors and one very determined and ambitious female leader.

Activities and Events

We Chat to Hannah Escott About Burlish Bike Park’s Progress

We Chat to Hannah Escott About Burlish Bike Park’s Progress

Back in February 2021, Burlish Bike Park was a concept Hannah Escott was working hard to turn into reality, we find out what the latest news is. Two years down the line and by the sounds of it, quite an odyssey, Hannah Escott has the wheels very much turning on...

Bid to create new Burlish Bike Park in Stourport

Bid to create new Burlish Bike Park in Stourport

Kidderminster charity Open Trail wants to create seven bike trails, a clubhouse, toilets and car parking at Burlish Woodlands, Kingsway, to form Burlish Bike Park. It has submitted an application to Wyre Forest District Council after securing £135k Places to Ride...

Making Burlish Bike Park Official

Making Burlish Bike Park Official

With the help of crowdfunding, a local charity, and a large donation from Sport England, Burlish dirt jumps is on its way to official status. Burlish dirt jumps, situated in Stourport upon Severn, has been a much-loved dirt jump spot for over thirty years. Now, thanks...

Opening Times

The bike park is open 24/7 to people with annual memberships but the toilets, clubhouse and car park are only available during our official opening hours which are:

Weekends: 10:00am-5:00pm

Weekday evenings: Tuesdays and Fridays 4:30pm-dark

School holidays we are open Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm (closed on Mondays excluding Bank Holidays)

Bank holidays: 10:00am-5:00pm

Want to ride when we are closed? You can sign your waiver here buy a pass online here, the trails are still open but the cafe/toilets/carpark will be closed.

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Burlish Bike Park

Burlish Bike Park, Kingsway, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, DY13 8NJ

Opening Times

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Weekend times 10-5pm

Friday nights 4:30-dark

School holidays we are open Tuesday-Friday 10-5 (closed on Mondays except bank holidays)

Bank holidays open 10-5pm

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Safety while riding

All riders must wear a helmet as well as filling out a waiver form